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Themes: Letter from the Publisher | Is India poised to become the next world powerhouse of manufacturing? | From an entrepreneur to Tycoon – with a Quality mindset! | Who is Manjit Singh Saini? | A new breed of consumers is emerging (Brazil P 09, China P 12, Egypt P 15, India P 18, Indonesia P 21, Russia P 24, Saudi Arabia P 27, Turkey P 30) | Reliability and sustainability brings success
Themes: Letter from the Publisher | Will India top China by 2020? | Peruvian textiles are seeking new markets | Who is Victor G. Lema-Osores? | Are Pre-Columbian/Peruvian textiles the avant-garde of Modern Art? | Who is Peruvian Industria Textil Piura? | Peru’s promising futur | A new approach to lively present textile traditions | Profile and aims of Textile Country Eastern Switzerland | The Textile Rooms
Themes: Letter from the Publisher | Virginia’s Reflections / The most promising future markets | Integrity means trust and competence | How to interest new generations for high-tech textile engineering | The Walter Reiners Foundation | The number of German Textile and Textile Machinery Engineers | Measures to close German recruiting gaps | Focus on US textile and apparel businesses
Themes: Letter from the Publisher | Virginia’s reflections on the future of textiles | TextileFuture Interview with the new CEO of ITEMA SpA
(I/CH/PRC) Mr. Carlo Rogora | Who is Carlo Rogora? | Bangladesh – a textile relevant manufacturing place | Are textile products healthy or toxic?
Themes: Letter from the Publisher | An in depth analysis of China’s Apparel Market | Who is Li & Fong Group | How to best access the Chinese market | How Chinese chain retailers are sourcing
Themes: Letter from the Publisher | Fashion and luxury go hand-in-hand | Dornier’s weaving machines are specialist weavers darling (interview) | Peter Dornier´s innovative technical views | Ecologically friendly innovation | Impressive innovations and sustainable product portfolio | Distorted cotton situation in some countries
Themes: Letter from the Publisher | A new era for mergers and acquisitions | Picanol’s 75th anniversary / Picanol‘s ITMA Barcelona parade | Daring to evaluate a textile machinery label | What sustainability is all about
Themes: The future prospects of the European textile machinery manufacturers | A perfect ITMA for All | Who is Sylvia Phua? | TEXTILEFUTURE presents the Pre-ITMA selected exhibitors Survey | ITMA planning and targeting | Who is MPI? | Detailed Planning Timetable | Rieter’s newest results | 2010 Key figures of the most important World Textile Manufacturing Countries | VDMA: Good textile machinery exports